Restaurant Week All Year Long: 25 Restaurants for Under $30

New York City Restaurant Week Summer 2008 starts next week, from July 21-25 and July 28-August 1. Restaurant week only happens twice a year in New York, February and July. It's a time when participating restaurants get swamped with reservations, some made almost a month in advance. People seem to get desperate around this time of year, like I usually do, making multiple reservation just to get in to those high-priced restaurants.

During restaurant week this past February I was only successful in getting in to two restaurants, Nougatine and Porter House New York (both have prix-fixe lunches all year round and made this list). But this time I made sure I got in to a few more. I tried to get a reservation at Le Cirque but did not succeed. It was probably booked way in advance. Unfortunately there are only a few restaurants on the restaurant week list that are actually the biggest bangs for your buck. But what most people don't realize is that many restaurants offer prix fixe lunches all year round. So when restaurant week rolls around, the menu tends to remain the same.

I've complied a list of restaurants with prix-fixe lunch menus available all year round. All of them are priced at under $30. Of course there are restaurants with prix fixe lunch menus over $30, but I wanted this list to offer affordable lunches at spectacular restaurants. You won't find any burger joint or such on this list. These restaurants are the heavy hitters of New York City. Most have two- or three-course menus. Some of the Asian restaurants offer bento-box lunches. You can't go wrong with any of these choices:

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  1. Abboccato $26 Mon.-Sat. 12-3
  2. Aquavit Cafe $24.07 Mon.-Sat. 12-2:30
  3. Asiate $24 Mon.-Fri. 12-2
  4. Blue Water Grill $24.07 Mon.-Sat. 11:30-4
  5. David Burke & Donatella $24.07 Mon.-Fri. 11:45-2:30
  6. Fleur de Sel $29 Everyday 12–2
  7. Jean Georges $28 Mon.-Fri. 12-2:30
  8. JoJo $24.07 Everday 11:30-4
  9. Maze $28 Everyday 12-4:30
  10. Mercer Kitchen $24.07 Mon.-Fri. 12-3:30
  11. Molyvos $25 Mon-Sat. 12-3
  12. Morimoto New York $24.07 Mon.-Fri. 12-2:30
  13. Nobu $24.07 Mon.-Fri. 11:45-2:15
  14. Nougatine $24.07 Mon.-Sat. 12-3
  15. Ocean Grill $24.07 Everyday 11:30-4:30
  16. Olana $29 Mon.-Fri. 11:45-2:30
  17. Perry St $24 Mon.-Fri. 12-3
  18. Porter House New York $24 Everyday 11:30-3
  19. Riingo $24.07 Mon.-Fri. 12-2:30
  20. Spice Market $16.50 Everyday 12-4
  21. Tabla $25 Mon.-Fri. 12-2
  22. Telepan $22 Wed.-Fri. 11:30-2:30
  23. Tocqueville $24.08 Mon.-Sat. 11:45-2
  24. Town $27 Everyday 12-2:30
  25. Vong $20 Mon.-Fri. 12-3


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