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Joseph Erdos

Welcome! I’m Joseph Erdos. I began this blog in January 2008. For a long time I had been searching for a way to share my musings on food topics with others. And this blog became just that.

After graduating from New York University with a degree in English literature and a dream of becoming a screenwriter, I had stints in television, publishing, marketing, and nutrition before I realized that food, cooking, and eating had been my favorite subjects all along.

In the past I have worked at Food Network, The Huffington Post, Martha Stewart, and Columbia University Press. I currently work in advertising. However, I still am continually inspired by the food world, countless food books, and the latest cooking trends.

With this site, I celebrate the world of gastronomy in both the simple and elegant forms, from basic home cooking to elaborate restaurant cuisine. My aim is to teach, entertain, and expand the reader's/eater's fundamental experience with food into the extraordinary by exploring science, history, culture, cooking, dining, and eating.

Focusing on food-related topics, coverage of events, dining experiences, and my recipes, I hope Gastronomer's Guide will become your source for food and culture.

Join me in the gastronomic adventure!

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